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Circanineti aka Glen Hartmann

" Crisp synth melodies, popping dance beats and a slick, sunny production make for an irresistibly smooth instrumental concoction "

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Cover Image for Dream Nails

Dream Nails

" Outspoken, politically-charged lyrics and an unapologetically punk "

Cover Image for Mr Matthew Fisher - The Cash

Mr Matthew Fisher - The Cash

" Peppered with vibrant instrumentation incorporating elements of funk and electro-psychedelia "

Cover Image for Voodoo Bandits - Fuzz My Life

Voodoo Bandits - Fuzz My Life

" The sun-drenched riffs are powerfully bright and combine with surf-style vocal melodies to produce a summer sound that is undeniably infectious. "

Cover Image for The Mercy House - Redemption

The Mercy House - Redemption

" Self-proclaimed “Post-apocalyptic rock band” The Mercy House are back with a new single - Redemption! "

Cover Image for Serotones - Nothing's What It Seems

Serotones - Nothing's What It Seems

" Yorkshire's rock quintet Serotones have been quickly making a name for themselves across the UK, becoming renowned for their blend of punchy guitar riffs and melodic vocal lines. "

Cover Image for Test Card Girl - Fly

Test Card Girl - Fly

" Manchester based singer-songwriter Catherine Burgis has been turning heads with her new electronic solo project Test Card Girl."

Cover Image for The Palava - Powder Room

The Palava - Powder Room

" Indie rock quintet The Palava have made an instant impact on their hometown scene in York and are quickly turning heads around the country with their electrifying sound. "

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