What Is Mastering?

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Let's start with the basics... what IS mastering anyway?

Mastering is a crucial step in the music production process, and it refers to the final stage of audio post-production before distribution. It involves the preparation and optimization of a track, EP or album, to ensure that it sounds great on all playback systems, digital platforms & physical media.

During mastering, we can apply a range of techniques to refine the audio’s sonic characteristics where necessary using tools ranging from transparent digital plugins to more vibey, analogue outboard units. These techniques include equalization, compression, stereo enhancement, limiting, and final technical methods such as dithering and sample rate conversion.

The primary goal at Two Zero Nine Mastering is to enhance the overall sound quality and balance of the track, ensuring that it is consistent, not only on a technical level, but so it also remains consistent with your artistic vision. My neutral listening room, paired with a set of fantastic Kii Three BXT full range monitors, allows me to hear the music as clearly as possible meaning I am able to make the best possible decisions without questioning or second guessing.

Mastering is also essential for ensuring that the track sounds great on different playback mediums such as CD or vinyl. The translation of audio from digital to physical format can require additional steps to make sure it translates as best as possible.

If you want your music to sound great, mastering is not something you should skip. After all, it’s your sound: Perfected!

Your sound: Perfected

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