Dead Nature - Freaks Like Us

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" as powerful and poignant as Tarek’s songwriting always is "

Best known for his anthemic Indie Rock project Spring King ,vocalist, drummer and producer, Tarek Musa, is well known among the Liverpool music scene, both for his work as an incredibly talented songwriter and for his work behind the scenes working with a host of talented emerging artists including Sheafs, Devon, Beddy Rays, Calva Louise, Dream Nails and more. His new solo project, Dead Nature, follows in the footsteps of Spring King, with a mix of angst, punk-infused indie anthems and more euphoric, poignant singalong singles, all tinged with a hint of coastal American air and, of course, bolstered by a fantastically punchy production.

The new Dead Nature EP, mastered by Graeme Lynch at Two Zero Nine Mastering, is titled ‘Freaks Like Us’ and is already gaining huge attention across the country. Singles ‘Wait For It’ and ‘Awkward Feeling’ as well as title track ‘Freaks Like Us’ have earned Tarek spots on Spotify’s Proper Belters, Shockwave and Fresh Finds Rock playlists while the vinyl pre-order is close to selling out.

The full 6-track EP, which is out now on all major streaming platforms, vinyl & exclusive double side cassette, is as powerful and poignant as Tarek’s songwriting always is. Punchy instrumental power led by his incredible drum performances and lyrics that explore the depths of the human condition are all channeled into infectious indie rock sounds that are perfect for the live setting.

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