Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pre-book my track to be mastered?
Of course! In fact, I’d highly recommend you plan ahead and book your music to be mastered in advanced.
How much time should I allow for you to master my track
Please allow for a MINIMUM of 1-3 working days FOR SINGLES. For albums & EP’s we’ll discuss timeframes with you but please allow plenty of time before your release date.
What format should I send my music/audio?
WAV/AIFF. We recommend you keep the original sample rate of the recording/project and a minimum of 24bit. If you are unsure, mention it on the booking form and we can discuss all options available.
How long does it take to master a song?
This depends entirely on the project. A mastering slot will cover mix checks, processing, trying hardware, software, post mastering editing and sample rate conversion and preparing all files that you need for your release
Are you able to provide instrumentals & radio edits?
As long as you are able to submit the mixdown of any extra sets you need, I can get them mastered to the same quality.
Can you master my music for CD/Vinyl?
Yes! I offer a full range of services including DDP Images & Vinyl Side pre mastering.
Do you offer Dolby Atmos mixing/mastering?
Kempston Street Studio’s has a dolby certified 7.1.4 audio suite where I can master your audio for dolby atmos format.
I’m in a hurry, I need my files urgently. Can you help?
Please include this information on the booking form and with the majority of projects I can offer 24 hour turnaround if needed. Get in touch first to chat about it.
I have stems. Can you use these to master my music?
Normally, yes. A stem master is somewhere between a mix & master. So this is entirely dependent on the project. We can chat more about this when you get in touch. Alternatively, I can put you in touch with a mix engineer if this is something that we think would be better suited instead.
Are you going to use analogue or digital processing to master my music?
Normally, whatever gets the job done best. Sometimes analogue can be too much for certain projects and digital will be better suited. Or sometimes digital sounds a bit too clinical and a warmer sound is needed.
Am I able to come to the studio while you master my music?
When you are booking in, just let me know if you want to book an additional hour for an attended session.
I’m in college/university/learning how to master music, do you offer lessons?
Yes, I can help you learn the basics of mastering through to some more advanced techniques. This can be done either at the studio or online at an hourly rate.
Where is your studio?
Our purpose built mastering studio is based in Kempston Street Studios, formerly Parr Street Studios, along side multi-award winning producers & engineers.
What equipment do you use in your studio?
We run arguably the best monitoring available: KIi Three BXT’s. 2 x full range mastering grade speakers so be able to hear everything that is going on with your music. We use Prism conversion for transfer, and a selection of hi-end outboard units for processing. Alongside this, we also use industry standard digital tools. Whatever it takes to get your sound, perfected.
I’m not happy with my mix. Can you fix this in the mastering stage?
We would recommend you getting your mix to a point where you are 100% happy before you consider mastering. If you need to discuss mixing your project we can put you in touch with one of our trusted mix engineers.
Can you send my files in the post?
Yes, for an additional fee we can send them either on a CD or USB stick. Please make us aware of this when you book your project in to be mastered as this can affect delivery times.

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