Two Zero Nine Mastering

Two Zero Nine Mastering is a dedicated mastering studio based in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle alongside leading digital labels and distributors, recording studios and other multimedia creators, run by Mastering Engineer Graeme Lynch.

The studio offers a neutral listening environment, powered by Kii Three monitoring. The space has been redefined and treated to ensure that every decision made is an essential move to help craft and create the perfect master for you.

Graeme has been working with labels, management teams and independent musicians since 2017, covering all genres including Rock, Metal, Pop, Hip-hop, Jazz, Blues, Orchestral/Classical, Soundtrack work for Film & TV and everything in between.

Artists come from around the world to work with Graeme at his central Liverpool based mastering studio via the studio's online mastering services.

"People ask me why I chose a career in mastering. For me, it’s simple. I love music. You can’t do this job otherwise. You need to have a great understanding of music, and musicians. I used to be a musician, so I understand the importance of getting this right! The mastering process is so important. Once I’ve finished with a track, it usually goes straight online or to the distribution plant. There is no room for error, and I love the challenge of making everything sound as good as it possibly can be. It’s always such an honour to be serving musicians and helping them deliver their vision, art and creations to their fans. I’m looking forward to helping you finish your next project!"

As well as working as a mastering engineer, Graeme also finds time to work in other areas of the professional audio world: from composing music to working at AMS Neve. Graeme helped to beta test the Genesys Black controller plugin as well as offer product knowledge and online media support which you can find on their youtube channel:

Your sound: Perfected

Two Zero Nine Mastering
25-31 Parliament St,
Liverpool - L8 5RN