What we do:

Stereo Mastering

Have your track mastered and ready for distribution. This includes a master copy in the format of your choice as well as an mp3 copy.

Vinyl Sequencing / DDP Creation

  • ISRC/Meta data
  • PQ Sheets
  • MD5 Checksum

Atmos Mastering

Mastered in Kempston Studio’s Dolby certified 7.1.4 Atmos studio

Apple Digital
Masters Certified

album artwork

Digital distribution is no longer an afterthought. It is today’s dominant medium for consuming music and as such needs to be treated with utmost care and attention. We are an official Apple certified mastering studio. We guarantee your music will be digitally distributed to the highest possible standards.

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Other Services:

Looking for something else?
We offer a host of other audio services:

Urgent turn around

In a hurry? Just let us know and we can arrange for a quick turn around to suit your schedule.

Alternative Sets

Radio edits, instrumentals, other versions for physical/digital release: Same mastering quality, tweaked to your needs


Just recorded? Or have a track you’ve been producing? Have your track mixed to your requirements. We’ll prepare your track for mastering & release.

Stem Mastering

Don’t need a full mix session? We can add those final touches and have your track mastered in the same session with a stem master. Same quality, same end results.

Audiobook & Podcast editing:

We specialise in listening, and your audiobook & podcast is no different to the high quality work we provide for artists. We use industry standard tools to edit, mix & master audiobook & podcasts to comply with ACX and distribution standards. Our clients include leading audio pioneers AMS Neve and the University of Central Lancashire.

Your sound: Perfected

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