Jason Nolan - Pink Sky In The Real World

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" everything about this project is teaming with vibrancy "

Critically acclaimed songwriting Jason Nolan is an artist in the truest sense of the word, weaving his uniquely intricate and abstract creative ideas into every aspect of his musical project. 

The half English, half Malay Art-Pop musician has been developing his  artistic flair since the age of 7 where he claims the playground nurtured his creative spirit. Yet it wasn’t until 2016 that he began putting pen to paper and embarked on his solo project which immediately gained attention from national tastemakers including Wonderland Magazine.

This sonic journey has recently culminated in the release of his debut album ‘Pink Sky In The Real World’, mastered by Graeme Lynch at Two Zero Nine mastering. The record has  been met with widespread praise both for its captivating soundscapes and thoughtful lyrical depth and has been featured on BIRP! FM’s monthly playlist.

From the abstract, cubist artwork to the constantly changing audible atmospheres that the album has to offer, everything about this project is teaming with vibrancy. The sound is always carefully balanced, allowing both the many layers of subtle, interwoven instrumentals and Jason’s soft, soothing vocal tones to overlap and shine through with equal brilliance. 

It is an album that is a true sonic experience and demands to be listened to from start to finish in one sitting so that you can truly soak up the intricacy and detail of Jason’s creative expression. 

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