The Road Ahead... Mastering Bookings, Rates & Changes For 2024/2025

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A glance ahead

Hi everyone, Graeme here! Thought i'd just drop a quick update on what's happened with the studio over the last year and the road ahead!

It's been my first full (financial) year here at Kempston Street Studio's and it's been such an amazing year. Working with so many new artists, producers, labels, and working along side a huge list of returning clients which makes me feel so grateful, not only for your trust and letting me have a chance to be involved in your music & art, but also for the support that everyone has given the studio - without realising it - you've really helped me make a good foundation to be able to do this for many more years to come. Thank you!

Some artist highlights from the last year include working with artists such as The Coral, Miles Kane, Jamie Webster, The K's, Bugzy Malone, Odeal, and having a few charting albums. Even Elton John spoke about a track I had mastered (mind blown!). The studio has gone through some changes too, from room layouts, to some new gear, and of course upgrading my Kii Three speakers to include the BXT's giving me an almighty full range tower of power! I'm currently trying some converters out as well which will help me capture masters better, cleaner, and louder which will audibly translate to the masters you receive back from me, giving you better quality files to upload and share with the world.

Planning ahead for the future, the booking system - for those who haven't spotted it - is live on the website which means you can now book in your mixes to be mastered without having to contact me first. It's been really smooth for everyone using it. Of course, my emails are always open for those who wish to get in touch to either book in or just to check over things with me first.

Rates have already increased over the last year due to investments into the studio and other uncontrollable costs (let's not mention the cost of living!) but for at least the next year, rates for independent and self funding artists will continue to be discounted* (compared to my label rates). This includes the price of stereo masters, additional files requested, DDP images, vinyl sides etc. Rates for labels will remain at full price unless otherwise negotiated.

There are some other bits and pieces coming up which I'll be announcing over the coming months, but for now I'd again just like to say a huge huge huge thank you to everyone who has sent music over, been in touch for enquiries, or even given a post a like or share. I run the studio on my own, financially and administratively, and I enjoy every minute of it, and it really means a lot to me that so many people are sending their music over for me to be able to work on giving me the chance to turn a hobby into a job.

Thank you!

Graeme x

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