Audio mastering in the heart of Liverpool.

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Two Zero Nine Mastering is a dedicated mastering studio based in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle along side leading digital labels & distributors, recording studio’s & other multi-media creators, run by Mastering Engineer Graeme Lynch.

How it works

We work with musicians & engineers all over the world, so even if you’re not local to our mastering studio in Liverpool, you can still use our online mastering services. We’ve made it really easy for you to get your music ready for release:


Send us your music

To get started, just send us your music! We start the mastering process the same way for everyone, whether you’re an independent artist or from a major label – we will listen to your audio and make sure everything is ready for mastering.


We’ll make a plan for you

We will make a bespoke plan for your music. We’ll discuss things like how you want it to sound, where & when you’re going to release it, and if you have any reference tracks or test-masters you’d like us to use.


Approval, check & send

We’ll give you the chance to check your master online first, and discuss any final options with you. We also offer unlimited revisions so we can make sure the master is perfect for you, as well as for your fans.

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“ Above all else, he gave a killer sounding master. As a mix engineer, that's the most important part. Not only that, the turnaround time and customer service was amazing. I'll definitely be using Two Zero Nine again soon! “

Joe Sage


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Two Zero Nine Mastering
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