Mr Bewlay - Black Reason EP

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" enjoy a short burst of his supercharged, psychedelic pop world... "

Expressive art pop star Mr Bewlay has captured the attention of audiences across the country thanks to his bold, synth infused musical style and brazen, fighting attitude that blends influences from David Bowie to St Vincent with his own unique identity. Hailing from Cardiff, Mr Bewlay emerged from the Forté project, a welsh artist development scheme. Now, fully established,  he makes music for the underrepresented, showcasing queer culture and championing activism for LGBTQ+ rights within his musical project.

He has been supported by a wealth of big industry names including Amy Lame on BBC 6 Music, Frank Skinner on Absolute Radio and Huw Stephen’s from BBC Wales who named him as his artist of the week. This wave of support is largely thanks to his impactful new EP ‘Black Reason’, mastered by Graeme Lynch at Two Zero Nine Mastering. 

The EP is constantly fizzing with musical interest, never laying still and always subverting expectations. The sonic textures range from gloomy, percussive punk rhythms and high energy indie rock beats to dense electronic pulses and explosions of ska madness filled with dancing piano and sharp brass injections. The music aptly reflects his angular, abstract personality and invites you to enjoy a short burst of his supercharged, psychedelic pop world that is full of so many layered elements that it is impossible to ever feel stagnant while listening.

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