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" Self-proclaimed “Post-apocalyptic rock band” The Mercy House are back with a new single - Redemption! "

Self-proclaimed “Post-apocalyptic rock band” The Mercy House made a loud noise in the London scene when they released their debut album ‘A Broken State Of Bliss’ back in 2012. The album, mastered by Mandy Parnell who has worked with artists such as The XX, Aphex Twin and Brian Eno, was a fierce collection that delivered track after track of high-octane, hard rock energy. Songs like ‘Greed’ and ‘My Disease’ were laced with stadium-filling drum tones and growling guitar lines that never relent. However, it was the sheer power behind the vocals that demanded attention as they are delivered with a soaring rage and throughout each song they explore the highest reaches of euphoria as well as the darkest depths of the abyss.

Following the release of the record, the London quintet had been quiet. However, they have now returned with a brand new single to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of their debut album. The new track ‘Redemption’, mastered by Graeme Lynch at Two Zero Nine Mastering, is an ode to being true to yourself and the music reflects that. The chorus is delivered with a forceful confidence while the instrumentals crash around them in a whirlwind of surging rock intensity. This return has reignited the fires of their anthemic riff-driven sound and manages to perfectly balance the moshpit inducing energy with a bold and memorable melody that will leave your ears ringing.

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